Finding the Right Piano for You

Do you love music? Somehow, you should! Music is important because it defines art and life. Music is also one of the most effective ways of learning academically, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Speaking of music, the piano is the best instrument in expressing your love for it because this is the only instrument that represents every note available on other instruments.

The piano is that one instrument that gives everything in one package. It helps people understand music easily because what you hit is what you get. Just touch the key and the right note will be produced. Most importantly, the piano is an important instrument used in all genres – classical, jazz, pop, rock, you name it!

Luckily, Ministry of Piano, a piano shop in Singapore, provides everything you need about piano – instrument itself, lessons, and more. Before touching base in getting the perfect piano, you should know what piano will fit your needs.

Types of Piano

There are different types of pianos in our today’s generation available at a piano shop in Singapore. However, you should remember that there are three main types of pianos – Grand Pianos, Upright Pianos, and Electric Pianos. These three main types of pianos are often resized and combined just to make other styles.

Grand Piano

The Grand Piano is the piano you mostly see at big music recitals and other elegant events. The Grand Piano is called grand for a reason – the largest, most majestic, most complete, and most expensive type of piano. This is where piano enthusiasts embrace their love for pianos even more because of its standard 88 keys and horizontal soundboards.

There is a smaller version of the Grand Piano. You can also get a Baby Grand Piano at any piano shop in Singapore. Basically, this is smaller compared to the Grand Piano and has a smaller soundboard making it less loud than the Grand Piano.

If you have a large space for a piano, then the Grand Piano is the best piano for you, especially if you will be using this for recitals, music lessons, and other bigger purposes.

Upright Piano

Upright Piano is the piano you might want to place at your home where you can practice your piano lessons. This is also the most common type of piano. One of the obvious reasons is the price tag. An upright piano costs less than the Grand Piano. In addition, the soundboard of the Upright Piano is vertical, thus making it more compact and space-saving. The vertical soundboard also gives a warmer sound. You might want to consider getting an upright piano if you think you need a piano at home, at school, or at church that is not too grandiose for you.

Electric Piano

Electric pianos are also called electric keyboards. This type of piano is the one you can carry all around. This is a perfect piano for beginners or for moving performers. However, this type of piano does not have the qualities of the acoustic tone you might be looking for. There can be a great difference, depending on the brand and manufacturer.

Where to Find the Right Piano

When looking for the best piano shop in Singapore, all you need to do is remember the name “Ministry of Piano.”. We understand why you love piano and we know how to make every piano moment memorable. More than just bringing the best musical instrument, we also conduct piano lessons and give a chance to all piano enthusiasts to nurture and showcase their talents.

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Playing the Piano: Why is it Good for You?

Are you a music enthusiast? We are pretty sure that you are. Nobody can ever deny that music gives meaning to our lives. It is the root of our emotional, physical, and intellectual learning because music gives us the freedom to express every little thought we have inside our minds and our hearts.

This is also the most effective way to learn something – nursery rhymes and alphabet for kids, language improvement, poetry, memorization, and more – because of the tone, rhythm, and everything else that defines music.

Piano: The Best Music Instrument

Are you ready to cling to your musical persona? Start with learning how to play the piano. This is the best music instrument, not just because of its elegance, but also because this is the first tool in understanding what music really means. This is the only instrument that can represent almost every instrument’s notes and a music instrument perfect for all music genres. All you need to do is find the best piano in Singapore that is perfect for you.

Benefits of Playing Piano

Aside from embracing your passion and love for music, playing the piano gives numerous benefits to your overall self – mind, body, and soul. No, playing the piano is not overrated. In fact, playing the piano in Singapore can be somehow underrated because some people don’t recognize the importance of playing the piano for their intellectual, physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Good for the Mind

It is quite obvious that playing music is a good tool for learning. Playing the piano does the same. It requires focussing on the piece you are playing. Researchers suggest that playing the piano can actually sharpen one’s memory, especially the verbal memory. More than that, playing the piano activates the part of your brain responsible for spatial reasoning, math intellect, and, of course, creativity

Good for the Body

People might argue that playing the piano can improve one’s physical health. There is a common norm that only physical activities requiring too much movement are the ones good for the body. That is not completely true because playing the piano, even though it requires you to sit down or stay in one place, can improve motor skills and hand-and-eye coordination.

In addition, playing the piano also has a great significance in increasing human growth hormones. These hormones are responsible for keeping your body from the effects of aging. Most importantly, there are studies suggesting that music can improve your cardiovascular health and can lower your blood pressure.

Good for the Soul

Music is the food for the soul. Playing the piano is one of the greatest ways to express your love for music, thus making you express yourself even more. Playing the piano has the power to completely change your mood. It can give you a break from or even help you overcome the feeling of anxiety, loneliness, and depression.

Learn More About Pianos at Ministry of Piano

If you are a piano enthusiast or just purely a music lover, the Ministry of Piano is the perfect haven for you! We understand how you deeply love music and piano. We provide the best piano in Singapore, the best piano lessons and services, and even the best piano accessories and merchandise that will help you bring out your extreme passion towards music.

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