Are you a music lover?  Have you always wanted to take up some piano lessons, or self-taught piano but just never found the time? Well, why delay any longer?  Take these June holidays to begin your journey with this beloved instrument.  Ministry of Piano is the leading provider of piano accessories in Singapore, as well as the top piano shop in Singapore.  All things related to Pianos are at our store, from accessories to piano teacher contacts, you’ll find them galore.

Piano Related Gifts

All of us have at least one loved one who is obsessed with music.  More often than not, they are fluent in the language of the black and white keys.  In those cases, finding a gift for them is easy.  Simply peruse the pages of the Ministry of Piano, one of the top music stores in Singapore, to find the perfect piano related piece for your friend or family member.  We offer gifts for any occasion!  Anniversaries, weddings, house-warming, birthdays, etc.  In our piano shop, we have beautiful piano-themed necklaces, specially made utensils, broaches, pencil cases, bottle openers, the lot.  It is heaven for those piano lovers out there.  Anyone receiving these special accessories would count it all joy to receive such a thoughtful gift.  Why not use these June holidays to treat yourself or a loved one to one of these?

Learn How to Play the Piano

Have you always wanted to hone your skills on the piano, but never knew where to start?  Well, look no further, because Ministry of Piano holds a vast network of Piano schools and teachers!  If you are looking for a one-to-one piano teacher in Singapore or maybe even a class environment, you will definitely find a class suited to your learning style on our website.  Ministry of Piano has the aim of being a marketplace in Singapore for all things piano related, therefore be secured in our ability to connect you with a suitable school or teacher.  Achieve your piano dreams these June holidays, scale up your piano skills, Ministry of Piano is the key.

Become a Piano Prodigy

You have the talent, we have the stage.  At Ministry of Piano, we give performers the opportunity to shine.  As a marketplace in Singapore for piano related services, we hold a multitude of contacts who are looking for talented individuals.  There is now no excuse to hide behind the curtains or be a background performer.  Ministry of Piano recognizes your talent and passion, and we want to help you express your passion through performance, we want to help you be known.

At Ministry of Piano, we have a passion for music and people.  For those who live and breathe the art of the piano, we are the place for you.  Take these June holidays into your grasp and start your journey with this marvelous instrument.  I promise you will not regret it.  Contact us at Ministry of Piano if you have any enquiries!

Finding the Right Piano for You

Do you love music? Somehow, you should! Music is important because it defines art and life. Music is also one of the most effective ways of learning academically, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Speaking of music, the piano is the best instrument in expressing your love for it because this is the only instrument that represents every note available on other instruments.

The piano is that one instrument that gives everything in one package. It helps people understand music easily because what you hit is what you get. Just touch the key and the right note will be produced. Most importantly, the piano is an important instrument used in all genres – classical, jazz, pop, rock, you name it!

Luckily, Ministry of Piano, a piano shop in Singapore, provides everything you need about piano – instrument itself, lessons, and more. Before touching base in getting the perfect piano, you should know what piano will fit your needs.

Types of Piano

There are different types of pianos in our today’s generation available at a piano shop in Singapore. However, you should remember that there are three main types of pianos – Grand Pianos, Upright Pianos, and Electric Pianos. These three main types of pianos are often resized and combined just to make other styles.

Grand Piano

The Grand Piano is the piano you mostly see at big music recitals and other elegant events. The Grand Piano is called grand for a reason – the largest, most majestic, most complete, and most expensive type of piano. This is where piano enthusiasts embrace their love for pianos even more because of its standard 88 keys and horizontal soundboards.

There is a smaller version of the Grand Piano. You can also get a Baby Grand Piano at any piano shop in Singapore. Basically, this is smaller compared to the Grand Piano and has a smaller soundboard making it less loud than the Grand Piano.

If you have a large space for a piano, then the Grand Piano is the best piano for you, especially if you will be using this for recitals, music lessons, and other bigger purposes.

Upright Piano

Upright Piano is the piano you might want to place at your home where you can practice your piano lessons. This is also the most common type of piano. One of the obvious reasons is the price tag. An upright piano costs less than the Grand Piano. In addition, the soundboard of the Upright Piano is vertical, thus making it more compact and space-saving. The vertical soundboard also gives a warmer sound. You might want to consider getting an upright piano if you think you need a piano at home, at school, or at church that is not too grandiose for you.

Electric Piano

Electric pianos are also called electric keyboards. This type of piano is the one you can carry all around. This is a perfect piano for beginners or for moving performers. However, this type of piano does not have the qualities of the acoustic tone you might be looking for. There can be a great difference, depending on the brand and manufacturer.

Where to Find the Right Piano

When looking for the best piano shop in Singapore, all you need to do is remember the name “Ministry of Piano.”. We understand why you love piano and we know how to make every piano moment memorable. More than just bringing the best musical instrument, we also conduct piano lessons and give a chance to all piano enthusiasts to nurture and showcase their talents.

Contact us today!

Playing the Piano: Why is it Good for You?

Are you a music enthusiast? We are pretty sure that you are. Nobody can ever deny that music gives meaning to our lives. It is the root of our emotional, physical, and intellectual learning because music gives us the freedom to express every little thought we have inside our minds and our hearts.

This is also the most effective way to learn something – nursery rhymes and alphabet for kids, language improvement, poetry, memorization, and more – because of the tone, rhythm, and everything else that defines music.

Piano: The Best Music Instrument

Are you ready to cling to your musical persona? Start with learning how to play the piano. This is the best music instrument, not just because of its elegance, but also because this is the first tool in understanding what music really means. This is the only instrument that can represent almost every instrument’s notes and a music instrument perfect for all music genres. All you need to do is find the best piano in Singapore that is perfect for you.

Benefits of Playing Piano

Aside from embracing your passion and love for music, playing the piano gives numerous benefits to your overall self – mind, body, and soul. No, playing the piano is not overrated. In fact, playing the piano in Singapore can be somehow underrated because some people don’t recognize the importance of playing the piano for their intellectual, physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Good for the Mind

It is quite obvious that playing music is a good tool for learning. Playing the piano does the same. It requires focussing on the piece you are playing. Researchers suggest that playing the piano can actually sharpen one’s memory, especially the verbal memory. More than that, playing the piano activates the part of your brain responsible for spatial reasoning, math intellect, and, of course, creativity

Good for the Body

People might argue that playing the piano can improve one’s physical health. There is a common norm that only physical activities requiring too much movement are the ones good for the body. That is not completely true because playing the piano, even though it requires you to sit down or stay in one place, can improve motor skills and hand-and-eye coordination.

In addition, playing the piano also has a great significance in increasing human growth hormones. These hormones are responsible for keeping your body from the effects of aging. Most importantly, there are studies suggesting that music can improve your cardiovascular health and can lower your blood pressure.

Good for the Soul

Music is the food for the soul. Playing the piano is one of the greatest ways to express your love for music, thus making you express yourself even more. Playing the piano has the power to completely change your mood. It can give you a break from or even help you overcome the feeling of anxiety, loneliness, and depression.

Learn More About Pianos at Ministry of Piano

If you are a piano enthusiast or just purely a music lover, the Ministry of Piano is the perfect haven for you! We understand how you deeply love music and piano. We provide the best piano in Singapore, the best piano lessons and services, and even the best piano accessories and merchandise that will help you bring out your extreme passion towards music.

Join our ministry now and watch yourself get nurtured with music!

Learning The Keys With A Music Loving Community

It’s an unspoken fact that everybody loves music. We’d like to believe the music; along with love makes the world go round. With that principle and concept in mind, we here at Ministry of Piano put our hearts into every piano we make in hopes of delivering top-quality instruments for our music-loving customers and their amazing talent.

We’re just at the beginning of 2018 and there’s already a lot that has happened. For us, you and everyone else, the New Year could be the start of new things in our lives. It’s a time to take in new hobbies and enjoy new experiences. It’s also a good chance for those who have not yet tried playing the piano or any other musical instrument for that matter.

We here at Ministry of Piano believe that there is no such thing as too late when it comes to learning how to play a musical instrument. We want others to explore the world of music as it is something we care about very deeply. There are a lot of people who have not yet been a part of the music industry, and now is the perfect time to do so.

Music Lovers Helping Left And Right

Here at Ministry of Piano, we have managed to create an online community for all piano and music lovers to be a part of. It’s a community wherein the newcomers can ask for tips from the piano pros; where those interested can find a teacher to give them a helping hand, and most importantly, it’s a place where one can buy the best piano in Singapore has to offer.

Our online community is sprawling with piano and music lovers who are helping out each other to create a better musical environment in Singapore. As such, each member strives to give all he can to a newcomer who wants to explore his love for music even more. This loving and caring community is always looking for new pianists to join their group so newcomers can always expect a warm welcome.

The piano and music teachers in Ministry of Piano are some of the best that Singapore and even Asia has to offer. With the help of these pros, one can become adept at the instrument in a few months or so.  Ministry of Piano leaves no room for music enthusiasts who aren’t willing to help others with their musical needs.

The New Year is an opportunity to start a host of things. It’s a door to a world of wonders and one of those include an entrance into the magical world of music. Here at Ministry of Piano, your love for music will grow to levels you have never seen before and you’ll become a musician like no other.


Music And Pianos Make The World Go Round This Season of Love

The season of love is upon us and needless to say, all the romantic and cuddly options are around the air once again. While others would go to groceries to buy chocolates, or to flower shops to buy roses, there are still others who would go the extra distance and perform an amazing musical piece for their loved one this season of love.  However, the gift of music would be a hard feat without help from us here at Ministry of Piano.

We have created and amazing community filled with music enthusiasts, piano experts, and music lovers here at Ministry of Piano. The community we have created has opened up a lot of opportunities for people to get help if they have a dilemma with any musical problem. Seeing as the community is always willing to lend a helping hand, they are going to be pretty busy these Valentine’s Day.

Ministry of Piano isn’t just a website geared towards accommodating music lovers and music enthusiasts in Singapore as it is also an avenue for people with a host of music-related problems, concerns, and questions. That means those who want to wow their lady this Valentine’s Day are going to be helped by a good community.

A Music Lover’s Paradise

As one of the best music shop Singapore has to offer, Ministry of Piano offers willing buyers a host of pianos they can buy. It is going to be pretty hard impressing our date with an old and rundown piano. Ministry of Piano is huge e-commerce market for those who are looking from cheap pianos. There are a ton of offerings coming from the community. There are new pianos, and there are also rarely-used ones for sale.

Apart from being a massive piano marketplace, Ministry of Piano can also help you find a teacher if you want to start playing a piano or if you want to master a particular piece. There are various instructors who are offering their services on the website so pianists from all levels of expertise can see to it that there’s a perfect instructor for them.

This Valentine’s Day, it’s not enough to give flowers and chocolates to our dates. There’s nothing more romantic than playing a piano piece to celebrate the romantic atmosphere. If you do choose to play the piano this Valentine’s Day, visit Ministry of Piano and we can guarantee that you’re going to go on more dates with the one you are spending Feb. 14 with.

Ministry of Piano is a website that’s suitable for all occasions so feel free to visit us any time. We guarantee that there are a ton of new things to enjoy each day.



Find the Perfect Valentine’s Gift in the Best Piano Shop in Singapore

The holidays are now over, but Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! You’re probably already thinking of what gift to give to your loved one. Well, here is an idea: if your special someone is a music lover, why not get him/her some piano novelties? Of course, you can give your significant other some flowers, chocolates, or whatnot. But really, the best Valentine’s gifts are those that are unique and memorable. You wouldn’t want to give something that’s generic, right? Don’t worry; there is a piano shop in Singapore that has just what you need.

If you are still looking for the ideal present, you would want to check out Ministry of Piano’s online store. You don’t have to buy a grand piano if that is beyond your budget. There are other great options to choose from! We offer a wide range of piano accessories as well as a variety of novelty gifts that are all about music. No matter if you are looking for a gift for a performer or a piano enthusiast, there surely are items that will be suitable for your dear music lover. The products that we offer are not just rare – they are also tasteful and elegant, and their classy aesthetic will definitely appeal to everyone who’s fond of music.

Our store sells memorable keepsakes such as watches that have a piano-keys design, pendants with brooch and badge pins with a clef design, necklaces with pendants that are piano-inspired, a grand piano velvet gift box (ideal if you want to propose!), and many other items. If you also want to give gifts to your friends, there are bottle openers designed after a treble clef, a music-themed lanyard, and pop-up greeting cards. If you want to make sure that you only buy pianos, piano accessories, and piano-themed novelties from a reliable retailer, we are the shop that you should turn to.

We currently offer shipping within Singapore, but we can make special arrangements for you if your purchase needs to be shipped overseas. Let us know about it by writing. The orders that we receive are generally processed within 1 to 3 working days. Delivery also takes 1 to 3 days to reach the recipient. You won’t have to pay for any shipping fee if your purchase is above $50. However, if that’s not the case, the flat rate delivery is $3.

Ministry of Piano is the most prominent e-commerce piano shop in Singapore. We value your feedback, so rest assured that we will do our best to assist you if ever there are issues, inaccuracy, or defects in your purchase. Learn more about the products that we offer by visiting our website or email us at .

Where to Buy Gifts for Someone Who Loves Piano in Singapore

You are probably reading this because you are looking for a present for that special piano enthusiast in your life. It can be quite difficult to find the perfect gifts for someone who loves piano and music, especially if you are not planning on buying something as expensive as a new piano. Fortunately, there are shops that offer not just piano in Singapore, but also accessories and novelties related to piano and music.

Ministry of Piano is the most well-known piano e-commerce platform for the Singapore market. Our goal is to be the best online marketplace in Singapore for piano. And we aim to be a platform where piano enthusiasts, piano teachers, and piano distributors, can find each other and communicate. We offer a wide variety of services and items that you can give as gifts to that special music lover. We can help you find the right school or teacher if you would like to enroll your loved one in piano lessons. Now, that’s a really valuable gift since he or she will learn skills that can last for life.

Perhaps, you would like to have someone play the piano for your beloved, or maybe take him or her out on a date? We can help you contact performers or get access to various shows. We also have a list of events that you can check out. Just visit our website to see the performers, shows, and events that we currently have.

If you are looking for gifts that are tangible, we have a lot in store for you. Apart from pianos and piano services, we are also known for offering unique trinkets that are piano and music-inspired. We have necklaces with pendants that look like FG clefs, grand pianos, or piano keys. We also have music-themed bottle openers. Our watches are adorable, such as those that have piano keys as a dial. We have grand piano dessert forks, elegant piano-themed brooches and badge pins, pop up grand piano greeting card, glow in the dark piano-inspired bracelets, a red velvet grand piano gift box, and so much more! You’ll surely find one that your special one would love.

Whether you are looking for a piano in Singapore or you’re trying to find piano novelties, Ministry of Piano is shop to go to. We have musical instruments, teachers, performers, services, schools, accessories, and merchandise that every music lover will be delighted with. As of now, we offer delivery within Singapore, but we can also make a special delivery overseas. We aim to be the best piano-themed shop for you, and we are hoping that you will be part of the Ministry. You may visit our website to check out the rest of our products and find out about more details.


Make Your Piano Purchase Your Best Gift Ever

It is probably that time of the year when everyone is buying gifts for Christmas. Any musical instrument especially a piano is probably the best gift for the whole family to enjoy. Not only does it bring music, joy and harmony but it can also be considered a big investment.

As easy and fun as it sounds however, buying a piano is one delicate purchase. You cannot buy just any piano you spot on a music store or from anyone who decided to sell it away. It has to be the one that should last you a lifetime or it’ll cost you dearly. Here are some wise steps to consider before making that grand purchase.

Secure a Space

Before heading out to start the hunt, make sure you have made an assessment around your house and have mentally measured the height and the width of the space you will fill it into to make sure you have enough room for it. An acoustic piano is the most common to buy and there are two types, the grand piano and the upright piano. The grand piano is wider in shape and almost circular. So for this type of piano you usually put it in the center. The upright piano just stands tall and straight with four corners so you can place it up against the wall.

Just Within Your Budget

The price of a piano also ranges depending on the size and brand. The petite ones or what is usually called a baby grand piano can have the size of 4ft-6ft while there are bigger pianos sizing up to 9ft and are usually called semi-concert or concert pianos. Usually the bigger the size is, the higher the price. It could cost from 1,800 SGD to 8,000 SGD depending on the manufacturer. But it really is up to what you and your family needs. So if the budget does not allow it, then don’t buy it. You may always look somewhere else and get a good bargain.

Check Parts and Functions

Whether you are buying the grand piano or the upright piano, the crucial part is checking the piano accessories. These are where the sound will be coming out of after all. And you don’t want to risk any lose ends around. The best step is playing it before purchasing. Check the soundboard, the piano keys and the pedals. Music shops usually have their own trained technicians to test and tune it for you but it is still better if you take someone with you who would be more knowledgeable.

Play the Instrument

There are people who buy things and then forget about them. So now that you had the piano delivered to your home, be sure to play it with everybody and for everybody. A nice sound around the house especially with a music theme, always brings melody and harmony just like it should always be.

Piano services and marketplaces in Singapore

The piano is one of the most well-known musical instruments in existence. It has had an illustrious history spanning hundreds of years. From humble beginnings, the piano has facilitated the career of many accomplished musicians and performers. The best-known great musicians of old include a large number of pianists in their midst. The piano is closely tied to classical music and carries significant connotations of class, elegance, grandeur and sophistication. It was highly acclaimed in the past and remains relevant today. The piano is easy to pick up and hard to master, and is perhaps the most well-known musical instrument among Singaporeans, with many having been exposed to piano lessons spanning multiple grades in their childhood and later.

No surprise that a great number of us have accrued a remarkable fondness to it. It is hence no coincidence that a rich and thriving community has formed around the piano. Our goal at the Ministry of Piano is connect the piano lover community as the nexus for all things piano-related. From offering the best piano shop Singapore can offer, as well as becoming the best marketplace Singapore has for piano-related materials, we aim to be the single best place for various piano and piano-related services, whether you are an interested buyer, seller, teacher or even learner.

Our Singapore piano shop not only promote musical instruments but souvenirs, trinkets, watches, gifts and numerous other novelties as befitting of a true piano lover. Our Singapore marketplace for all things piano include listings of cards, bottle openers, brooches, badges, pins, necklaces, bracelets, miniature pianos, passport holders, lanyards and of course pianos themselves. This comprehensive selection in our Singapore marketplace is sure to delight piano aficionados. Our store prioritises an approach utilising e-commerce and the online platform in general for maximum convenience, publicity and outreach.

Without needing to be tied down to a static physical location, our Singapore marketplace connects both buyers and sellers of pianos and piano- related services from all around Singapore, in a convenient and easily accessible hub. Our services reach beyond merely selling and buying goods, and also aspire to connect piano lovers across Singapore and beyond, to introduce new members to the piano community, and also act as a hub for piano and musical events, services, schools, teachers, performers and venues.

Our Singapore marketplace and piano community is thriving and rapidly expanding. If you are a fellow piano lover, seller, interested buyer, teacher, performer or even learner, we invite you to become a part of us today. We are also looking for various partners in the form of investors, logistics partners, marketers, bloggers, corporate services and events organisers. Should you be interested, feel free to participate in our Singapore piano shop, or contact us at +65 6408 9633.

Piano-related gifts, souvenirs and accessories

As it nears Christmas, many people often have trouble thinking of novel gifts to give others year after year. Gifts for Christmas must both be tasteful and interesting. It would be a bad choice to gift the same gift over and over again every year, but equally, it is also a significantly difficult decision to think of new gift ideas each Christmas. Should you be stumped on what new gift to purchase for your friends and family this coming Christmas, look no further than the Ministry of Piano’s music-themed online store. The Ministry of Piano boasts an online range of piano accessories and various novelty gifts with a music theme.

Our store comprises an impressively wide range of products designed to appeal to the senses of piano lovers, teachers, practitioners, performers, learners and even anyone who has picked up the piano at some point in their life. Our products strongly incorporate the aesthetic of piano keys. Not only is it a rarely-seen gift idea, the unique aesthetic therein provides a touch of class and elegance that will surely appeal to all music lovers in Singapore and beyond.

Our online store sells not only pianos and piano accessories, but items and souvenirs such as pendants decorated by piano keys, gift cards decorated with musical notes, watches incorporating piano keys, as well as many others, including a pop-up gift card involving a grand piano. We have bottle openers themed around a treble clef, velvet-coated miniature grand pianos that will make great gifts for Christmas, a music-themed lanyard that will make a fitting accessory counterpart to the piano, and many more. We are the most prominent e-commerce platform for piano- related goods and services on the Singapore market. At this point, our marketplace is also having a sale and a significant number of items are currently on discount. Should you desire to purchase any piano accessory or any other gift with a music theme for Christmas, now is the right time to capitalise on this opportunity.

Our business is rapidly expanding. As of now, our marketplace is not only open to buyers selling pianos and piano accessories, but sellers, marketers and logistic partners as well. Should you be able and willing to furnish pianos, piano accessories, or gifts with a music theme, and are on the lookout for an attractive business opportunity, feel free to join us in a partnership by contacting us at +65 6408 9633 today. Other roles available in our partnership include investors, marketers, bloggers, corporate services as well as events companies. Together, we will create the most prominent one-stop-shop for all things piano and piano-related, which will thereafter also serve as a hub for piano lovers, professionals, learners and beyond.