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What are the payment methods?

We are currently offering Paypal which is a worldwide secured gateway for online payments. Credit / Debit cards are readily accepted via registered Paypal accounts.

How are my orders processed?

Please ensure that you have read the relevant terms and sales description before checking out. Once the payment is completed, your order will be sent to the respective sellers and they will fulfil the orders accordingly. Delivery arrangements will be done by our logistics partners or via Sellers’ method. You will be notified on the delivery tracking (if applicable) via email.

How is the delivery cost calculated?

It is based on the weight and size of the items.

Can I still purchase if I am registered as a Seller?

Yes, you may checkout your order by using your registered Seller’s email address.

What should I do if there are defects, inaccuracy, issues on the purchased products?

Please email us at feedback@ministryofpiano.com.sg within 3 days upon delivery.

Let us know and we will try our best to assist and communicate with the sellers to find the best solution. We value your feedback and would need these to be documented.

I love your portal but I do not have any merchandise to sell. How can I leverage on this platform?

First, please share Ministry of Piano with your family and friends! Like & Follow Us!

We strive to grow better. Contact us and let’s discover.

Do you provide advertising space?

Yes, we do! Email your advertising contents to bd@ministryofpiano.com.sg

Burning questions still unanswered?

Thank you! Kindly WhatsApp Us @ +65 9324 3262