Tips When Shopping for a Piano at a Piano Shop in Singapore

For people who are in search of a piano to buy or any musical instrument at that, there are many options to consider. Not only that you have a lot of choices, but you also get different sets of advice from about who to ask about it. Unless you have a strong background about the instrument you plan to buy, it will always be a challenging task. However, it should not be stressful to go to a piano shop Singapore. A piano should not only be appreciated; it has to be played too. Here are some of the important steps to consider when buying a piano:

Consider the type of piano to buy.

Buying a piano is not like buying a guitar where you can pick as many choices as you can. With a piano, you have to consider the cost, the space to provide for it, and even the hauling. That’s why with a piano you have to come up with intelligent shopping decisions. The first thing you have to consider is the type of piano to buy. There are two common types which are the baby grand and the upright piano. Choosing the type of piano boils down to the amount of space you will allot for it and your own aesthetics as well.

Check the pedals.

When you go shopping for a piano, you have to extra careful in checking the pedals. It’s necessary to check them not just for its looks but also for the way it plays. You won’t be able to create great music without good quality pedals. It simply means that you have to make sure that the keys produce an even tone and that there are no sticky keys around. This is especially applicable when you decide to buy a used piano. There are great bargains for used piano, but you have to be careful when you shop for it. Start with the pedals.

Check the shop’s reputation.

You also have to be mindful about the piano shop’s reputation. Look for one that has exceptional customer service. Even if you think that the prices are higher in these shops, you may realize that it is worth all your money.

The Right Piano Shopping Made Easy

When it comes to buying your own stuff, it is critical for you to be able to choose the right one that fits your wants, needs, and most importantly, budget. While you want to have the best of everything, prices could end up being prohibitive and you may want to opt for something more affordable. However, saving up does not mean that you will give up every things that you hoped to have just to save a lot of money.

Your Simple Guide To Piano Shopping

While we are not solely a piano store Singapore, we have been in the business of serving the needs of piano enthusiasts in the country. While we commit offer you the best products in the best deals possible, it pays for shoppers like you to know how to shop for the things that you need, just so you don’t get ripped off by enterprising sellers. And so, here is a quick guide that you may want to take into consideration when shopping for a piano.

Familiarizing Yourself With The Pianos. It is important to know what your needs are specifically. Do you need a simple one, or the best of the lot? Try visiting some stores, familiarizing yourself with the manufacturers, and the qualities of the many pianos available in the market. This way, you can better determine the piano you are specifically looking for.

Play Music With It. Different kinds of pianos make differing sounds. So, to better choose on what type and brand of piano you are actually eyeing, you may want to play with it or ask the salesman to play pieces with these. That way, you’d be able to pick the one that suits your needs best.

Get The Opinion Of Experts. If you have friends who have played a lot of brands and models of pianos, make sure you ask for their opinion so you could get an educated advice about the product you’re about to buy.

Inspect the Pianos Well. Sometimes, even the best pianos may have workmanship issues. That is why, you should make it a point to examine the sets well before moving forward.

Given that pianos are not cheap at all, making the right decision in getting one should be one’s best priority. That is why you can use this guide to have a better understanding and opportunity to get the piano of your dreams. If you are still clueless and you need the help of our experts that will lead you the piano that is best for you.

Piano gifts for Valentines

Christmas is over and now Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. You know what they say about people who knows piano? Plays or listens to them? It means they have good taste in music.

A piano?

It’s a classic art that only the people with great ears will appreciate.Now if you give a gift to someone it’s sweet, it’s cute, it’s romantic and it’s beautiful. Now if you include piano gifts, everything piano related that is a whole new level of class.

If a guy is into classical music, or piano girls think you are sweet and you are in touch with your inner self.

Valentines plus piano gifts is a hit

Valentine piano gifts in Singapore is something unique that not all people get to have on Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day in Singapore is not that wild, it’s not that very vulgar and many people are not very vocal about Valentine’s Day. It’s more like an ordinary occasion to some but you can use this as a reason to be romantic and give gifts to your love ones.

if you ever decide on getting that perfect piano gift you better check out Ministry of Piano for everything piano for that perfect valentine gift.

When they say that it’s not about the gift, we all know that’s not true, because in our time with so many gift options it definitely boils down on getting one and when getting one I would mean getting one that is just right. If your date loves the piano don’t settle for anything less and don’t go to shady piano shops that will just give you a sub-standard item and service.

Get from the one that is most trusted eversince they were conceived. A place that you can call a brainchild of a piano lover that knows what owning, playing, and listening a piano really is.

Ministry of Piano definitely has everything that you will need just like “Mr. Fox’s” shop in the Peppa pig animation. If you have no specific gift ideas you may contact them or drop them a quick message on their message box for some great gift suggestions that you’re special someone will surely love.

Cool gifts for piano lovers

Music and its charm

Music is universal. Music is known to be so powerfully positive that it can drastically change lives. Music knows no borders and restrictions. We do not have to know a language to enjoy the music accompanying the lyrics.  Music lovers often live in a world of their own.

The nuances of music which touch the soul bring them to another dimension and they are happy in a world where music is the queen. Getting gifts for these people can be hard at times. You can only gift CD, earphones, and playlist for a certain number of times.

Ministry of Piano

Well, we at the Ministry of Piano have something for you people who are scratching your heads clueless about what gift to get for your music lover friend or family members. We are one of the leading music shops in Singapore. Basically, as our name suggests we sell everything related to pianos and music, in general. We take pride that when it comes to piano, we know best.

Our products

Among the products in our music shop in Singapore that make the perfect gift to piano lovers include lanyard, piano pillow case, cushion cover, necklace with the words ‘where words fail, music speaks’, necklace with piano keys and clef, pop up grand piano birthday card, piano keys watch dial, necklace with rainbow piano keys, glow in the dark bracelet with piano picture, bracelet with musical notes and big clef, gift box in the shape of a red velvet grand piano, and passport holder patterned with piano keys just to name a few.

Apart from these gifts, Ministry of Piano, one of the highly sought after music shops in Singapore also provide different types of gifts that set us apart from other competitors. We offer a platform for piano community in Singapore to communicate and exchange news. This platform is sure to be heaven for any piano lover in Singapore.

Apart from being a music shop in Singapore, Ministry of Piano also aims to grow and cultivate the young generation pianists. ‘Let the Pianists be Known’ is an initiative to gather performers and identify talents who have been hidden under the limelight.

To sum up, the creative music based gifts from one of the best music shops in Singapore are definitely going to make your friend grin from ear to ear but more importantly, what is going to make him smile for the whole day is the gift of a piano community who helps each other to rise and shine.

Tips To Buy The Best Gift For Your Piano Teacher

Buying the perfect gift for someone is a two-part process – it involves knowing the tastes, likes, dislikes and hobbies of the recipient and second, it requires you to be able to match up the unique tastes with a unique gift. If you are considering buying the right gifts for piano teachers, there are several things to keep in mind.

While shopping for an unusual gifts for piano teachers, keep in mind, unique does not have to mean weird or crazy. Instead, the best unusual gifts are meant to entire, enchant and excite. A good gift can pleasantly surprise the recipient.

Gifts for piano teachers

To find the best piano teacher gifts in Singapore, focus on the uniqueness of the recipient. You can begin by writing down at least 5 words that best describes him or her. You can then make a note of their hobbies and practices. The purpose is to find something that resonates with their lifestyle. Also, doing this helps reduce the chances that you will buy them a gift that they may not use. You can also consider gifting wonderful piano accessories that you know will be appreciated by your teacher.

Research your options

Finding a gift is easy provided you are willing to do some research in finding the right one. You can also search online to find the best gift. There are several online stores that stock a wide range of music accessories that are immensely helpful to a music practitioner. You can browse through the extensive selections to find the one that would best meet the tastes, preferences and requirements of your teacher.

Whether you are looking for gifts for piano students, there are plenty of gifts that you can choose from. It is essential that you spend some time and effort to find the right one. While we may be extremely busy with our lives, it helps to take out some time to find the right gift for your teacher.

Top Gift Ideas for Musicians

Are you in need of some creative gift ideas for your musical friends? Then you’ll certainly need to look for music themed gifts in Singapore. Aside from acknowledging their talent and craft, a couple of gift ideas would also be splendid to have as part of their daily activities.

Here are just some of the gifts you may consider:

Digital watch with piano keys

If you’re looking for piano inspired accessories in Singapore, then a digital watch would be quite handy for your friend, loved one or even significant other. The digital watch is available with durable, soft leather, plus it also has a changeable battery and band.

The Digital Watch with Piano Keys has a classic look to it. It can certainly be worn for performances or even while conducting classes.

A music themed bracelet for spunky performers

If you also have musician friends who like accessories with a twist, then it would be fun and exciting to gift them with a glow in the dark, musical bracelet.

As you buy this unique piece from a piano store in Singapore, you’ll also find how it has an extendable chain so it can fit different types of musicians. It would certainly be fun for your friends to try playing the piano in the dark, as they see their bracelets constantly illumined throughout their performance.

However if you have musician friends who are rather reserved when it comes to their taste in accessories, there are bracelets which come with classic designs. There are ones which come with classical notes and even a G Clef right in the middle. These are also available in shades of gold.

There are a lot of other ideas which you can consider when it comes to music themed gifts in Singapore. Be sure to check out which ones will fit your friends best today.