Top Gift Ideas for Musicians

Are you in need of some creative gift ideas for your musical friends? Then you’ll certainly need to look for music themed gifts in Singapore. Aside from acknowledging their talent and craft, a couple of gift ideas would also be splendid to have as part of their daily activities.

Here are just some of the gifts you may consider:

Digital watch with piano keys

If you’re looking for piano inspired accessories in Singapore, then a digital watch would be quite handy for your friend, loved one or even significant other. The digital watch is available with durable, soft leather, plus it also has a changeable battery and band.

The Digital Watch with Piano Keys has a classic look to it. It can certainly be worn for performances or even while conducting classes.

A music themed bracelet for spunky performers

If you also have musician friends who like accessories with a twist, then it would be fun and exciting to gift them with a glow in the dark, musical bracelet.

As you buy this unique piece from a piano store in Singapore, you’ll also find how it has an extendable chain so it can fit different types of musicians. It would certainly be fun for your friends to try playing the piano in the dark, as they see their bracelets constantly illumined throughout their performance.

However if you have musician friends who are rather reserved when it comes to their taste in accessories, there are bracelets which come with classic designs. There are ones which come with classical notes and even a G Clef right in the middle. These are also available in shades of gold.

There are a lot of other ideas which you can consider when it comes to music themed gifts in Singapore. Be sure to check out which ones will fit your friends best today.



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