Cool gifts for piano lovers

Music and its charm

Music is universal. Music is known to be so powerfully positive that it can drastically change lives. Music knows no borders and restrictions. We do not have to know a language to enjoy the music accompanying the lyrics.  Music lovers often live in a world of their own.

The nuances of music which touch the soul bring them to another dimension and they are happy in a world where music is the queen. Getting gifts for these people can be hard at times. You can only gift CD, earphones, and playlist for a certain number of times.

Ministry of Piano

Well, we at the Ministry of Piano have something for you people who are scratching your heads clueless about what gift to get for your music lover friend or family members. We are one of the leading music shops in Singapore. Basically, as our name suggests we sell everything related to pianos and music, in general. We take pride that when it comes to piano, we know best.

Our products

Among the products in our music shop in Singapore that make the perfect gift to piano lovers include lanyard, piano pillow case, cushion cover, necklace with the words ‘where words fail, music speaks’, necklace with piano keys and clef, pop up grand piano birthday card, piano keys watch dial, necklace with rainbow piano keys, glow in the dark bracelet with piano picture, bracelet with musical notes and big clef, gift box in the shape of a red velvet grand piano, and passport holder patterned with piano keys just to name a few.

Apart from these gifts, Ministry of Piano, one of the highly sought after music shops in Singapore also provide different types of gifts that set us apart from other competitors. We offer a platform for piano community in Singapore to communicate and exchange news. This platform is sure to be heaven for any piano lover in Singapore.

Apart from being a music shop in Singapore, Ministry of Piano also aims to grow and cultivate the young generation pianists. ‘Let the Pianists be Known’ is an initiative to gather performers and identify talents who have been hidden under the limelight.

To sum up, the creative music based gifts from one of the best music shops in Singapore are definitely going to make your friend grin from ear to ear but more importantly, what is going to make him smile for the whole day is the gift of a piano community who helps each other to rise and shine.

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