Make Your Piano Purchase Your Best Gift Ever

It is probably that time of the year when everyone is buying gifts for Christmas. Any musical instrument especially a piano is probably the best gift for the whole family to enjoy. Not only does it bring music, joy and harmony but it can also be considered a big investment.

As easy and fun as it sounds however, buying a piano is one delicate purchase. You cannot buy just any piano you spot on a music store or from anyone who decided to sell it away. It has to be the one that should last you a lifetime or it’ll cost you dearly. Here are some wise steps to consider before making that grand purchase.

Secure a Space

Before heading out to start the hunt, make sure you have made an assessment around your house and have mentally measured the height and the width of the space you will fill it into to make sure you have enough room for it. An acoustic piano is the most common to buy and there are two types, the grand piano and the upright piano. The grand piano is wider in shape and almost circular. So for this type of piano you usually put it in the center. The upright piano just stands tall and straight with four corners so you can place it up against the wall.

Just Within Your Budget

The price of a piano also ranges depending on the size and brand. The petite ones or what is usually called a baby grand piano can have the size of 4ft-6ft while there are bigger pianos sizing up to 9ft and are usually called semi-concert or concert pianos. Usually the bigger the size is, the higher the price. It could cost from 1,800 SGD to 8,000 SGD depending on the manufacturer. But it really is up to what you and your family needs. So if the budget does not allow it, then don’t buy it. You may always look somewhere else and get a good bargain.

Check Parts and Functions

Whether you are buying the grand piano or the upright piano, the crucial part is checking the piano accessories. These are where the sound will be coming out of after all. And you don’t want to risk any lose ends around. The best step is playing it before purchasing. Check the soundboard, the piano keys and the pedals. Music shops usually have their own trained technicians to test and tune it for you but it is still better if you take someone with you who would be more knowledgeable.

Play the Instrument

There are people who buy things and then forget about them. So now that you had the piano delivered to your home, be sure to play it with everybody and for everybody. A nice sound around the house especially with a music theme, always brings melody and harmony just like it should always be.

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