Are you a music lover?  Have you always wanted to take up some piano lessons, or self-taught piano but just never found the time? Well, why delay any longer?  Take these June holidays to begin your journey with this beloved instrument.  Ministry of Piano is the leading provider of piano accessories in Singapore, as well as the top piano shop in Singapore.  All things related to Pianos are at our store, from accessories to piano teacher contacts, you’ll find them galore.

Piano Related Gifts

All of us have at least one loved one who is obsessed with music.  More often than not, they are fluent in the language of the black and white keys.  In those cases, finding a gift for them is easy.  Simply peruse the pages of the Ministry of Piano, one of the top music stores in Singapore, to find the perfect piano related piece for your friend or family member.  We offer gifts for any occasion!  Anniversaries, weddings, house-warming, birthdays, etc.  In our piano shop, we have beautiful piano-themed necklaces, specially made utensils, broaches, pencil cases, bottle openers, the lot.  It is heaven for those piano lovers out there.  Anyone receiving these special accessories would count it all joy to receive such a thoughtful gift.  Why not use these June holidays to treat yourself or a loved one to one of these?

Learn How to Play the Piano

Have you always wanted to hone your skills on the piano, but never knew where to start?  Well, look no further, because Ministry of Piano holds a vast network of Piano schools and teachers!  If you are looking for a one-to-one piano teacher in Singapore or maybe even a class environment, you will definitely find a class suited to your learning style on our website.  Ministry of Piano has the aim of being a marketplace in Singapore for all things piano related, therefore be secured in our ability to connect you with a suitable school or teacher.  Achieve your piano dreams these June holidays, scale up your piano skills, Ministry of Piano is the key.

Become a Piano Prodigy

You have the talent, we have the stage.  At Ministry of Piano, we give performers the opportunity to shine.  As a marketplace in Singapore for piano related services, we hold a multitude of contacts who are looking for talented individuals.  There is now no excuse to hide behind the curtains or be a background performer.  Ministry of Piano recognizes your talent and passion, and we want to help you express your passion through performance, we want to help you be known.

At Ministry of Piano, we have a passion for music and people.  For those who live and breathe the art of the piano, we are the place for you.  Take these June holidays into your grasp and start your journey with this marvelous instrument.  I promise you will not regret it.  Contact us at Ministry of Piano if you have any enquiries!

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